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About Roberto Manzoli

One of my first toys was a Rollei 35. I was playing with it and all its precise mechanisms, like take out the lens, lock it, and then unlock it and close it again. I was looking at the world through the viewfinder and clicking, even without film (digital was far to come).

When I was 12 my dad gave me a Nikon F3, a manual film reflex, that I still use very often. Between the subjects, using a cheap zoom and some close-up filters, I was doing macrophotography during our trips to the mountains north of Italy. I have two briefcases full of slides from my adolescence.

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Tuscany, in particular I attended the two-year course of photography.

I worked as web-designer, AutoCad, Photoshop, 3D Studio operator, photograper, cameraman and musical composer for a private company and later, for some of these tasks at the University of Genoa, where I still work, now as photographer and web-developer.

On August 2012 I held my first personal exhibition, with the title: “Ragazze/Girls”. After that I held three other exhibitions in Genoa, Italy.

My job consists in realizing photo-sequences of the activity of a System of Laboratories of Engineering. You can see them at this link. As web-developer my last project has been the website of the laboratories, including a private area programmed in PHP/MySQL where everybody can register via email authentication.

As graphic designer I realized the following works. Film photography has become my hobby (included darkroom handmade processing), together with music (listening and playing it: acoustic and electric guitars and keyboard).


Roberto Manzoli

email: roberto at manzoli dot com

If you want to buy a print, contact me through e-mail or the following contact form. The prices depend on the print technique (silver prints, gliceé, prints on canvas or digital prints with professional plotter on several kind of papers, matte or glossy). The prints are sold with beautiful hand made frames of wood, you can choose the color of them in many cases (apart those already framed).

Contact me for any kind of feedback too.


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This exhibition has been held two times on december 2012 and on october 2013.

A formally beautiful photo, according to general taste, is in collision with a tough and irritating one. So the 46 images of this exhibition are paired in couples in which the two photos are in contrast, but connected. What is a beautiful photo? That's a personal decision, and maybe the unsightly pictures of some couples could be the favorites for some persons. The pictures are digital and analog, they are iris (or glicée) prints 20x30 cm, framed by hand with a 5cm passpartout without glass to avoid reflection being the prints matte on superb paper made of cotton 100%, the details of the prints are not appreciable in this digital versions. A paper catalog has been printed, contact me by visting the contact page for a FREE copy (I have still one thousand).


Flesh & Earth

This exhibition has been held on April 2013.

Like the previous exhibition I played with pairings. This time putting close barren hill views in contrast with the "barren" or better naked poses of a Japanese Model. All is shot in black and white 35mm film, and printed by myself in a traditional darkroom. The photos are framed by hand in black wood with mirror.


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